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The heart and soul of the Tisbury Police Department is the Patrol Division. Patrol is the largest and the most visible part of the department, and the part of the department that most people come into contact with.

Certain patrol officers may carry out special duties assigned to them specifically by the Chief- such as being assigned the role of Detective, working with the Tisbury Council on aging, CONNECT to end violence, the Youth Task Force, Children’s Cove, the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force and the Tisbury Elementary School.

The Tisbury Police Department also has auxiliary officers that carry out the same responsibilities as patrol officers.


The Tisbury Patrol Officers are:

Scott Ogden-

Nick Sidoti-

Julia Levesque-

John Goeckel-

Patrick Souza-

Cory Medeiros-

Forrest Filler-

Jameson Rose-

Troy Vanderhoop-

If you would like to know more about some of these Officers, click here

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