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The Park and Ride is a transit parking area conveniently located on High Point Lane in Tisbury, MA.  High Point Lane can be accessed by traveling outbound on State Road and making a left-hand turn after Cronigs Market. 


The Park and Ride lot is a short-term free parking lot.  Commuters may park in the lot for up to 3 consecutive days without penalty. Long-term parking passes may be purchased from the Tisbury Town Hall during normal business hours.  For more information please contact the Tisbury Town Hall (508)-696-4200.


The parking lot is run in conjunction with the Vineyard Transit Authority which runs a continuous shuttle bus in between the Park and Ride and the Vineyard Haven Steamship Authority terminal.


The Tisbury Police Department monitors the lot during routine patrols 24/7, year round.   The Police Department is also tasked with the enforcement of all the parking regulations set forth by the Park and Ride. 

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