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 The Animal Control Officer is responsible for enforcing ordinances relating to the control and impoundment of animals. This includes responding to and investigating calls and complaints from residents relating to animal issues such as unleashed dogs, stray animals, animal cruelty and working with the animal owner to ensure they comply with all animal ordinances and policies. The Animal Control Officer will oversee animal health and rabies control in domesticated animals and wildlife populations, including performing barn inspections and implementing the quarantine and subsequent release of animals.

Animal Control Officer Kate Hoffman

I grew up in Swampscott Mass.

I was always that child bringing home strays and orphaned baby animals.  My love for working with animals started at the age of 12, when I started volunteering at a local animal shelter.  

I worked as a groomer for Petco, I took care of horses, pet sat and walked dogs and then started volunteering for a friend who was an Animal Control Officer.

I moved to MV in 2018 and began working as an assistant to the ACO in West Tisbury for the last 3 years until I acquired this position as ACO in Tisbury.  I am a 2019 graduate of the Animal Control Officers Academy of Massachusetts (ACOAM).  I am always keeping myself up to date and continue to develop new skills through yearly continuing education courses.

I’ve always loved anything animal related.  I’ve owned everything from reptiles, fish, rats, ferrets, cats and dogs.  I am an avid horseback rider, I’ve scuba walked on the bottom of a shark tank, swam with dolphins, played with a baby Siberian tiger, hand fed tarpon, and was even on a reality show on Animal Planet called Hillbilly Handfishin’ where my mother and I went noodling for catfish and I caught a 15 lb. Flathead bare handed! (VIDEO ON LEFT)


I’m excited to work for such a great community!

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