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The Detective investigates crimes assigned to him/her by a formal screening process. This process considers the information provided:

  • On field reports and investigations made by patrol officers

  • Victim statements

  • Witness statements

This process ensures that time will not be wasted on cases where there is no likelihood of closure, and allows more focused and detailed efforts on those cases where the case can be cleared.

Cases can range from murder to annoying telephone calls. Reported sexual assaults are investigated, as are child physical and sexual abuse cases. A detective is available to respond to:

  • Larcenies with large property losses

  • Residential and commercial breaks-ins to gather fingerprint and other evidence

  • Robberies

  • Sudden, unexplained or unattended deaths

  • Other events as needed

The detective handles many cases considered informational where the case is considered cleared (the perpetrator has been identified) and victim is contacted advising them of the courses of action open to them.


              The Tisbury Police Detective is Phil Hollinger.


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